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If you like the American ninja, then Fallerz.io is a Battle Royale Game for you. Fallerz.io Unblocked is an interesting 3D game with a quite wide view that you can change while playing if you want.

In this world, you will become a runner, your goal is to run faster than your rivals and pass all the obstacles. All the characters are cute, but it is actually a brutal battle, you will be matched with other players, don’t worry if it takes too long to find other players, the game will automatically match you with bots after a certain amount of time. This game is not a pink world, it won’t be easy, there will be a lot of obstacles appear on your way to victory, and you must be flexible and skillful to be able to dodge and pass all of it. If you fail to pass, you will have to start all over again and victory will only be in your dream. So what will your rank be? 1st? 2nd ? or the last one? Join and find out!

How To Play Fallerz.io

You can move your character using WASD or arrow keys and move the mouse to move the camera, the space bar is for jumping.

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