Battle your way to the victory in a fantastic Agario Style 2D Shooter game called! In this title, you become a deadly star who will fight against many opponents using cunningness, strong abilities as well as great strategies. You are not an innocent star in the game! You are able to fire flames as well as hunt down your opponents in a huge gridded arena. There are plenty of colored dots scattered around on the map, go eat them as much as you can for accumulating points, but this won’t be easy at all since there are many rivals standing in your way. They also try to collect those dots for a high score and they will not be hesitant to wipe you out when their chance comes. Therefore, you must attempt to destroy all of them before you get eliminated. Once you feel ready, you can chase them down if you want. Never stop gathering the dots and make sure you protect yourself from aggressive enemies at the same time. Will you become the strongest star in the arena? Try the game now!

How To Play

Use the mouse for controlling your character. Click the left mouse button to shoot fireballs at your rivals.  

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