About Flang.io

Although Flang.io unblocked cannot be regarded as a popular survival io game, it’s still worth trying for great gameplay mechanics and many features to experience. The whole game is set in a huge world full of dangers. Players when coming to Flang.io game have to do a lot of things to survive, from building stuff to shooting opponents. When you make your way through areas, feel free to pick up and mine some trees for wood. Then, you can start building some constructions using the gathered amount of wood. These bases will help you survive the outside dangers easily. Building bases is a good thing, but it will be better to craft some advanced weapons. You must use the weapons to kill your rivals before they get away while trying to defend yourself from their attacks. Don’t forget to join forces with other enemies! Working as a team can help you get through all stages of the game more easily. You aim to become the best survivor in Flang.io game! Much fun!

How To Play

Use WASD to direct the movement of your character. Use the left mouse button to fire.

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