About Fleats.io

Fleats.io is a space-themed strategy game in which you have to go vanquish multiple platforms and attempt to develop your galaxy. The game also pits you against many opponents from around the globe, making this competition much more challenging to conquer. When the challenge is kicked off, you have to dispatch groups of ships from this planet to another one in order to capture the entire galaxy. You’d better focus on larger planets because they produce ships much faster, and be sure to go to the middle of the map where you can get a key to win. Watch out for your surroundings to avoid getting attacked by the enemy fleets, or else your game will be over. This is a great Space IO game that is easy to master, and enjoyable to master, but it’s also very challenging and will test your skills a lot. Let’s try it now! Wish you luck!

How To Play Fleats.io

Use the left mouse to choose planets, move with WASD or arrow keys. Use the spacebar for jumping.

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