Explore another world in the classic game and play against every creature for the top spot! It is available to join the Free For All mode and show up your own abilities. Try to survive as long as possible if you’d like to dominate the leaderboard or reach the highest level! Start off with the most vulnerable animal and you should not forget to protect yourself from every deadly attack for survival. However, you cannot evade or hide in clouds and bushes forever. Actually, you can lose if you do not eat, drink or breathe. provides three bar that you are recommended to fill them up regularly. After you enter the room, you are able to hunt down guys that have the green outline while staying away from those who are surrounded with the red line. Once you absorb, your health will be restored and you can continue your journey. Good luck!

How To Play

Use the mouse or press WASD to move your character and attack the prey.

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