Enjoy the new sports game and perform the best tips to collect the highest point! With successful touchdowns and tackles, you are able to dominate the first rank without difficulty! To score one, your team must take the football into the opposite end zone. You should act rapidly and accurately if you want to complete your target.

In your selected game, do not work alone or you will get troubles. Actually, your rivals will attempt to block your plan and steal the ball that you are holding. In case you are being attacked, you’d better pass it to your friends in They will help you implement remaining tasks. Additionally, you do not forget to defend them from the opponent’s hits. It is a good strategy to win and level up faster. Each match will exist for a couple of minutes. During that period, remember to deploy tricks carefully. Let’s participate in the tournament and prove your abilities now!

How To Play

Use the mouse to move around, Left mouse to boost speed and tackle.

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