About is classic Style about collecting gallons of water to keep your base safe. Have your accumulating skill ready for this in-game challenge then see if you can win it! The water is the main resource here, meaning you must try your hardest to gather it as much as possible. You will begin generating many water pumps to obtain it. Keep in mind that the ponds used for pumping the water do not have much supply, for this reason, you’d better utilize them carefully to not cause any mistakes during the game process. If a pond is depleted, quickly go to the next one to continue what you are doing. All of your ponds need to be well defended all the time as enemy players can destroy them using their wicked schemes. You must stop that before it’s too late! With a lot of ponds defended, you will surely earn gallons of water, making you the best player of all.

How To Play

Use WASD for the movement, place a building or do an action using the left mouse. Click right mouse on the pipe icon to rotate it, and use arrow keys for using the tool shortcut.

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