About unblocked is a space-themed io game set on a big island full of pirates. They are ready to fight and loot treasures. You know that pirates are desirous of gold and other precious treasures, which is why they have to fight one another in this title. Get your skills ready to enter the battle to show your skills! You are equipped with only one skin at the start of the game, but when you get more gold, you can buy a new one. When you reach the next island, you can unlock some new characters. With a wooden stick in your hand, make use of it and swing it carefully to defeat other enemy pirates then take their gold coins. You can collect the gold coins on the ground too. The more coins you have, the bigger you will become. Once you have grown big, you can attack other players easily. Watch out for the arena because it shrinks every 15 seconds. There is only one winner at the end of the match with the top rank on the leaderboard. Your goal is to become the last pirate standing! Play game online for free! Have fun!

How To Play

Use the mouse to move your character and swing the weapon in the game.

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