About Gatoslice

If you love to play Bejeweled-style puzzle io games, then Gatoslice unblocked must be a great choice for you. Although the game is not the same as other classic games about matching the same bejeweled star gems, it’s still worth trying for experiencing new twists. Your main mission in Gatoslice online is to place any sort of round food sliced in 8 parts onto empty plates. Make sure that you will not put the food on the spots that were already used. You must take a look around the spots then decide where to set each order. When one plate is done, that one and two other ones will start to clear. Try your hardest to finish as many plates as possible for more points. The levels will get harder as you progress! Do you think you can conquer all of them? Play Gatoslice free online now and show off your skills!

How To Play

Use the mouse to place the food onto empty plates in the game.

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