About GiftHunter.Online

Relax and feel comfortable to check out another awesome multiplayer web-browser game called GiftHunter.Online! Believe it or not, in this title, you play as a Christmas gift armed with a variety of weapons, and you venture out into the map with a big mission which is to kill all other boxes around the ground. The mission may sound simple, but there are common gifts dispersed around the map as well, you must figure out which are players, and which are props before dealing your damage. If you come across tough enemies, try to hide yourself, however, you can still be able to always play in an aggressive way, especially when you don’t want to spare any lives. Watch out for your environments because you may get ambushed anytime. Show off all the skills you have to vanquish every single challenge standing in your way and turn yourself into the best gift hunter! Good luck to you!

How To Play

Move your character using WASD or arrow keys. Use the left mouse to fire or attack, and press key Q to change to the knife. 

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