About Gooz.online

Start the Gooz.online game as any character that you want, a soldier or a bandit. Even though whatever you choose, you have to defeat all of the enemies to take over the whole map for a long a time. So, there are two parties and you will do not need to worry about being besieged too much since you can be assisted by other friends in your team. After picking out the favorite player, do not forget to select a hat and a gun by spending the money that you are given. Next, it will be the appropriate time to check out the own shooting skill along with other abilities. Wander around the arena and take out the opponent in sight. Be careful! Dodge and survive. You can hide behind some available objects such as boxes or cars. There are many different weapons to use, for example, rifles. But, pay attention to your HP. Do not let it reach zero or you will die! Good luck!

How To Play Gooz.online

Press WASD or arrows to move, left click to shoot.

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