About Gunfu

Gunfu is a free-for-all shooter io game. It is about a competitive and exciting multiplayer match. The main aim of you in the new challenge is to become the best player. Try to complete the goal as soon as possible and maintain the top position for a long time! It is necessary to destroy every opponent on the map before you climb up to the spot that you want! While you will start to play Gunfu online with some basic weapons, you will have the chance to gradually upgrade them by collecting advanced tools and unleashing killstreaks. So, you can buy a lot of equipment in the shop when you level up. Each stage will hide unique items. If you die, you will lose everything. Therefore, you must defend your character carefully for survival. Besides, you can improve that ability by killing nearby foes. Along with the shooting skill, it is simple for you to dash whenever! Good luck!

How To Play Gunfu

Use the mouse cursor to direct, Left mouse to shoot, Right mouse to speed up

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