Happy Snakes

About Happy Snakes

Happy Snakes game lets you directly jump into a massive playing field full of snakes and you must fight against your enemies for a chance of arena dominance. You control a snake with a happy face and roam through the big map to gather as many glowing dots as possible. These dots are dispersed on the ground so it will be easy to absorb them. The more dots you eat, the larger the size you will reach. And the bigger size means that you will be able to tackle other enemy snakes easily. You must make use of your long body to encircle the enemy snakes, prevent them from escaping your attack and make them crash into your body, wiping them out instantly. Or, you can speed up your snake to bypass the enemies, block their pathway and force them to hit you. These are all great ways of killing the other snakes. You should follow them to defeat your opponents and work your way up to the top of the leaderboard. Good luck to you!

How To Play

Move your snake using the mouse. Click the left mouse button to speed up. 

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