About Hexafall.io

Hexafall.io is a multiplayer 10-player battle royale game. It has similar gameplay to Fall Guys and a graphic design like Minecraft mods. Hexafall.io brings the great and thrilling survivor game that you can play on your browser. Your objective in Hexafall.io is to be the last survivor. Hexafall.io unblocked including a lot of entertaining things, so let’s find out yourself!

Hexafall.io free online is waiting for you to play! Each hexagon block you touch will vanishes right away when you touch it. And you need to be real quick, jump and try not to fall down! You can obstruct your rivals’ ways by strolling over them, obliterate the squares they may utilize and remain on top!

Play another battle royale io game to experience more exciting feelings and a relaxing time with friends and family! Games like surviv.io has its own interesting points and you need to find out yourself!

How To Play Hexafall.io

Move your jam bean with WASD or Arrow keys and utilize your mouse to turn the camera. Use SPACE to hop.

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