Hide.io: A Mobile Game Free!

Hide.io is a great mobile game free. It's possible for you to engage another variant of hide & seek and play together with multiple rivals around the world. Enjoyed it!

Hide.io is considered as one of the latest Mobile games. It has already been published by iGene. It’s available for you to download the game for free from the Play Store and have fun with the match on your own mobile device!

Hide.io is a real-time multiplayer live hide & seek game in which you will have the chance to embark on the job as an object. It sounds strange, right? However, that is true. You will keep yourself out of the sight of everybody around. In other words, you will be a part of the map from the start. Meanwhile, try to look for hidden items. Attempt to hide and survive until the last moment! Or, you can win if you search for all of the secrets that are tongue. After each successful system, you will level up and open up another map.

In-game features

There are four major features in Hide.io game. They include:

  • It is the real-time online multiplayer game.
  • In case you keep you safe for 3 minutes as an object, you will be the winner.
  • If you discover every hidden opponent that is tongue, you also conquer the top spot.
  • There is an interesting level system.

How to play Hide.io

  • Due to Hide.io is a playable game on mobile devices, you will be able to direct or guide the own character by tapping on the controller on the left-hand side. After you detect the prey, you can punch to make them uncovered. The game is more interactive with a greater level of gameplay for either hider or seeker.
  • Hide.io is a cool online multiplayer game taking place on a themed playing field such as the stadium, the school, the office, and other constructions. In which, the player can take on the role of a Hider or a Seeker. Hiders will play a set of stuff that fit within the existing stage, with the intention of immersing into the background and hiding away in the surrounding environment whilst the Seekers will have to track down the others concealed.
  • Within the limited time, you are recommended to focus on the ability to disguise and run across various locations in order to get the best point to lock up yourself. You can use your imagination and creative thinking with the power of observation to realize the objective quickly.

Get ready to join one of the most exciting competitions ever right now! Good luck!

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