In an epic Tower Defense Strategy game called, you will have to prove your wonderful abilities when trying to conquer all the in-game challenges, such as building places, protecting your buildings, as well as fighting against enemies. You are provided with a small castle and 10,000 gold. Now, you must utilize them wisely to expand your kingdom. You will have to start building a tree, a village house, a city shop, a tower or a factory because they are all great buildings producing more gold for you. After that, you place some special cells – which is called Magic – to defend your buildings. When you engage in a clash, try your best to bomb the enemy cells and demolish them all before they damage yours. Keep producing many profitable buildings, defend your Magic all the time, play with good tactics to outsmart all the rivals and turn yourself into the best player of all! Good luck to you!

How To Play

The mouse is used for interacting with the objects around you.

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