About Ipik.io

Ipik.io is a top-down Free For All game where you have to fight against tons of enemies alone in a big dangerous city. Start off with a normal gangster and you should find ammo crates as soon as possible since your gun cannot shoot anything along the way. Don’t worry! Power-ups that you want will be scattered across the map and you can see them easily. Next, you can take part in conflicts and embark on your job. Try to fire and destroy every opponent in sight to earn the higher ranking as well as get close to the top spot and take over the leaderboard! You are given three guns and you can switch them if necessary. Remember to reload them or you can get troubles! Aside from these items, you will have the chance to control a car and drive over other persons. Let’s play and see if how long you will dominate!

How To Play

Use WASD or arrow keys to move, LMB to shoot, 1-3 to switch weapons, Shift to run, R to reload, F to drive.

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