About is a multiplayer 2D Shooter game similar to other classic Bomberman games. In this title, you take on the role of a multi-colored jello blob making its way through a huge map full of other enemy blobs. Your main mission here is to shoot bombs at those enemies to wipe them out of the arena as fast as possible before you get eliminated. You’d better stay watchful for the incoming bombs from other players, or else you will meet your doom. The bombs can help you dish out a lot of damage to others, which kills them instantly. For a lot of kills you have gained, your points will be increased a lot, which gradually takes you to the top spot on the leaderboard, and this means you can totally build your ultimate dominance in the arena. Other players are also trying their best to annihilate you. You just make sure that you will not give them any chances to do that! Are you up for the mission? Join it now!

How To Play

Fire the bombs at enemies using the left mouse.

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