About Juke

Juke is an awesome capture the flag online multiplayer game. Explore the mission in any mode that you love and try to complete the challenge in the shortest time. You need to be the last standing Juker if you want to dominate the ranking in the first place. You will join either the Red or the Blue team. To achieve the goal, you must overcome all of the traps which can kill you in a wink. Aside from keeping you safe from every deadly obstacle and focusing on beating the opponent or collecting the higher score, do not forget to defend your item. It is also an important key to win. In Juke, there are tons of amazing power-ups that you are able to grab and use such as a sword, a shield, and a rollerblade. Besides, you are allowed to sacrifice for the greater good, burn yoursellf by the dragon fire and touch the target after that. It is a way to stop the rival from bringing the object to their area. Remember to work together with teammates! Good luck!

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How To Play Juke

Use WASD or arrows to move, T to team chat, Enter to chat with all players, E to control the power of the class.

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