About Junon.io

Junon.io is a free MMO strategy game about building. It brings an exciting challenge where you can work together with other people who are also stranded on the same planet as you. Similar to Moomoo.io style, it’s essential for you to survive as long as possible. From finding food to gaining oxygen or growing stronger, every quest should be completed quickly. They are basic demands that every character in Junon.io unblocked must implement after they connect to the server. Further, you will be required to build. Don’t forget to search for resources until you are able to craft tools, weapons, and more! If you are tired, remember to hire workers! Play Junon.io online and you cannot handle every job alone! Along with the support of other persons, your ranks will be increased faster. Are you ready to check out your own management ability and set up a colony as you expect in the shortest time? Good luck!

How To Play Junon.io

Utilize WASD keys to go, Number keys to swap tools, Spacebar or Left-click to deploy the current items, C to craft objects, I to visit inventory, R to rotate, E to interact

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