Give a shot to game online for a chance of becoming an expert shooter. In the game, everybody starts as a cunning killer spawning in the same map where they have to kill each other. KillStreak io features a wide range of weapons for you to pick from, therefore, you don’t need to be afraid of having anything to slay enemies. Just simply pick your favorite gun then use it to deal damage to others. The only thing you must pay attention to is your ammo count as you will run out of bullets very quickly, which can have an influence on your battle if you cannot reload it in time. When you roam the map, trust no one! You have to focus on racking up your kills and give other players no chances to shoot you down, otherwise, you will not be able to win this match. Kill Streak game features fun gameplay but many challenges to conquer. Think you can get the best killstreak?

How To Play

Move your killer using arrow keys or WASD, click the left mouse to fire, use the right mouse or spacebar to zoom.

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