About is a 2D shooter io game in style. Appear on the map you choose as a player and get ready to explore every corner as your preference with multiple enemies! The main aim of you in the new competition is to become the ultimate character. It is essential for you or anybody in unblocked to survive and score the most kills! While you are roaming after you spawn, you can evade the foes and break chests. Remember to loot items and select good weapons with necessary supplies! Besides, you are able to farm materials to build walls! They will cover you and prevent the rival from causing damage to you. Play free online you will have the chance to craft, construct, fight, and defend your way. However, you must act fast and gear up yourself carefully! Next, fire the gun accurately! Headshots are helpful to end up the challenge sooner. Have fun!

How To Play

Use E or F to interact with objects, LMB to shoot, Q to build walls, Space to jump, Shift to run, R to reload, M to the mao, 1-6 to pick guns

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