About Krewclassic.Io

Krewclassic.Io is an Io Games related to 3D sea battle game, you will start on a small raft with only one canon to defend yourself, and as one of two teams distinguishing by color.

Your job is to find and drown out your enemy ship. Every time you succeed in drowning out one ship, you will get a bonus. And slowly, your small raft will be upgraded and upgrade and upgrade to a giant ship, with more equipment to defend your ship. You can also go fishing while going around trying to find your enemies too. This is a quite interesting game yet still easy enough for you to play with your friends, your family, they can become the crew members on your ship and protect the ship with you, or you can become a lonely hero, even if you play alone, you can still destroy a fleet alone if you are skillful enough! Krewclassic.Io unblocked is a game that is worth trying.

How To Play Krewclassic.Io

You can move your ship with ADWS or arrow keys, mouse for aim, and shoot.

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