About is a multiplayer battle royale, in which you are a colorful bean, try to take part in a thrilling race to become the winner. There are a lot of challenges you need to survive through, such as Ninja Warrior, Wipeout, Knock out,… This is definitely a stimulating io game!

Try not to be the slowest one, because you will be diminished gradually. Toward the end, just one and the only player will win and get the award! Arrive at the end goal before different players to meet all requirements for the following round. unblocked will bring you the various colors of skins, with different patterns.

Get away from traps, don’t fall into the deep hole. Beat the confusion, defeat your rivals and be first on the last round to win! Play online on both PC and Mobile. free game is an ideal option for you if you want to take a break after a hard-working time.

How To Play

Playing on PC: Use keyboard WASD or arrow keys to flexibly move. Jump up to avoid barriers with Space or Right-Click. Take an overview look with your mouse. On the other hand, if you are playing on Mobile: Swap to move left and right. Click on the button to jump.

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