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It’s super cool to become a medieval lord fighting off against many enemy lords from around the world. In Lordz.io game unblocked, you will become one armed with unique abilities and a huge army packed with strong units, ranging from soldiers to dragons. You have to get everything ready for an epic fight awaiting you ahead. Other enemy lords will not be easy on you, so there is no reason to be gentle to them. You must turn into a cunning, hostile, and wicked lord killing everything in sight. When you make your way through the map, pick up as many gold coins as possible then use them to summon plenty of units with different skills. You cannot win the battle without the help of these units. Therefore, try to command them carefully and send them out into the fight. Don’t forget to build up houses for developing your population limit and protect the houses with towers. Can you come out as the best lord? Play Lordz.io game now!

How To Play Lordz.io

Use the mouse to move, key E to establish houses, key R for towers, keys T/Y/U/I/O for soldiers, knights, archers, barbarians, dragons, respectively.  Divide your army using the spacebar.

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