About Lordz2.io

Lordz2.io unblocked drops you in the Middle Ages in which you become a hostile lord of land whose mission is to go vanquish more lands to expand your main territory. To capture these lands, make sure you build a big army full of strong soldiers, then send them out into the fight to defeat all enemies and quickly take over their realms. Keep supporting your army with amazing upgrades to get it stronger than ever. Don’t forget to use your strategies to outmatch all rivals. Much fun with Lordz2.io free game!

How To Play Lordz2.io

Use arrow keys or WASD for the movement, press the spacebar to dash, the left mouse to attack, the right mouse or key E to trigger the special power, key B to build, key U to buy a soldier, key F to arrange your army formation, key Y to improve soldier, spacebar to divide an army, key C to alter the formation, key M to toggle the minimap, key L to toggle the leaderboard, key Enter to chat and key Esc to open the pause menu.

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