About unblocked game with RPG element pits you against new rivals coming from across the world. The whole game is set in a tough dungeon packed with monsters and enemies. You have to be ready and prepare your skills in advance to conquer it all. When you spawn in free online, you will start making your way through this dungeon trying to defeat all monsters and opponents that are hindering your progress. To reach the next levels, you must find the doors, but it will not be easy when your HP can run out anytime and the enemies can come to you even more. Just use everything you have in order to surpass all of them! The more kills you pick up, the more experience points you will, which helps you raise your level faster. If you are lucky, you can get some rare items from the chests, then use them to your advantage. Will you be able to complete the adventure in this dungeon?

How To Play

Use the left mouse to attack the enemies and perform the movement. In your inventory, click the right mouse for potions, changing equipped items, buying or selling items.

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