About Mechar.io

Pick out the nearest server and play Mechar.io 2d shooter game inspired by MechWarrior with multiple opponents as a Mech! Trapped in a strange and dangerous mining facility you need to try to survive as long as possible until you become the top player and escape. Take the role of a hot robot and move to anywhere that you want to explore. Be careful! Remember to kill every enemy quickly before they detect or do the same for you. There are tons of amazing power-ups on the floor. Grab them to improve your health or upgrade abilities. If you observe the map, you will see plenty of teammates. So, go with them and cover them if necessary. It will be better than roaming alone. There are many powerful weapons that you can choose to use, for example, a railgun, a rocket launcher or a flak cannon. The shield is also an item that will defend you by blocking incoming missiles. Good luck!


Popular search:

https://mechar io/?ref=gamedistribution

How To Play Mechar.io

Use WASD to move, right click to control the shield, Space to bash and disable the enemy for a while.

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