About MineRoyale.io

MineRoyale.io is a super interesting strategy battle royale game featuring Minecraft-style graphics. All players will join the same big arena, and they must make their way through the map mining as many resources as possible. Once you have earned a huge amount of resources, you can use them to craft advanced tools. Having more tools in your hands will help you beat other enemies more easily. You must create armor, strong weapons and other handy equipment using iron, gold, as well as diamonds. With those items, you can dish out damage to the rivals when you catch sight of them. Just make sure you will defend yourself from their attacks, or else you will soak massive damage, causing the game to be over. Watch out for the danger zone that keeps shrinking! Do not get caught in it, or you will end up getting destroyed. Can you survive until the end and build your dominance? Play it now!

How To Play

Use arrow keys or WASD for the movement. Click the left mouse to assault or mine resources, use number keys for changing the item, use key E to open the crafting menu and key Shift to sneak. 

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