About Minesweeper.io

Minesweeper.io is an addictive and entertaining multiplayer game inspired by the classic Minesweeper Puzzle game on Windows PC. With this multiplayer version, all players will have to compete against each other on the same board. This will open up a challenging race to see who is going to clear the most mines at the same time. Once the challenge is kicked off, you will have to go uncover a lot of squares with numbers on them. The numbers show how many bombs are adjacent to it. If you reveal a square with a hidden mine, make sure that you put a flag on it. In case you reveal on with a bomb without getting flagged, the bomb will be activated, and in this game, you will not explode, but just lose points. Through over time, you should gather more mines without mistakes to grow the multiplier. Also, don’t forget to win gold for earning more flags. The gold can be given to you only when you finish an achievement or increase your level. Can you become the best player? Try it now!

How To Play Minesweeper.io

Use the left mouse to uncover the square, click right mouse, and hold it for placing a flag.

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