MonsterCrush can be identical to game in terms of gameplay, but it will have its own features that can’t be mistaken with any other game. In this title, you will have to focus on eating, growing and destroying enemies. You will begin with a fresh supply of tasty berries, then make your way through the arena finding some objects that you want to eat. You must hover over them to absorb them, and gradually, you will turn into a terrible, dangerous, and malicious beast that is able to consume almost everything in the lobby. You need to consume other monsters that are weaker than you and be careful with the ones that can eat you up. Try to watch out for your surroundings, use your strategies to overcome all the challenges. Your goal in MonsterCrush is to reach the highest rank on the leaderboard to become the most dangerous monster. Are you excited about this challenge? Join and conquer it now!

How To Play

Navigate the map using the mouse. Hover over objects to eat them.

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