Monsters VS Humans

About Monsters VS Humans

Monsters VS Humans! is a team zombies game free for all! It’s always true to say that monsters and humans don’t like each other. They always declare war against each other just to build their ultimate dominance. With this title: Monsters VS Humans!, you will engage in a brutal fight where you can play as either a human or a zombie. If you become a human, you must do whatever it takes to elude the zombies, escape away from them or even cover yourself before the zombies see you. But if you take on the role of a zombie, you only have one goal which is to kill all people. You should work with your allies during the course of the fight so you can overcome all challenges. Do whatever it takes to defeat the rival team! You can purchase weapons, collect items, and use them to your advantage. If you manage to stay alive until the end of the match, a certain amount of bonus will be given to you. Enjoy the battle between the monsters and humans now!

How To Play Monsters VS Humans

Make your way through the map using WASD. Click the mouse to turn, key B to purchase weapons, key G to drop weapons, and key E to collect items.

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