About is set in a complex maze full of challenges. For conquering this maze-themed strategy 2D shooter game, you’d better have your abilities ready for now. You will make your way through the maze trying to seek a lot of nectar which is a crucial resource to increase your score as well as to feed your nests and progeny. The nectar is everywhere on the map, so it will not be hard to find them, however, the problem is that you will face off against many other players who are also seeking the nectar just like you, causing it to be unavoidable to have brutal clashes between you and them. You should be an aggressive player when attacking the enemies! You must finish them off before they steal your nectar and kick you out of the map. Don’t forget to find some unclaimed nutritious areas as your breeding grounds. Hire some minions if you want and let them help you search for more resources. Are you excited about this journey? Join it now!

How To Play

Use the left mouse to fire, the right mouse to release nectar. Press the middle mouse button to stop or move, use the mouse to move your bug.

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