About is a good MMORPG game available for you to play free online against plenty of rivals worldwide. Enter a map, discover a big city, live another life, and grow your way. In order to continue your journey, you need to work on a computer. The new job will help you earn a lot of money then. To get more income, do not forget to buy buildings because they will allow you to gather commissions every second. With the cash that you collect on the road and generate, you are able to unlock upgrades and improve your skills each year. In, you should sleep, purchase food, eat, and relax. Indeed, you can go to the toilet, dance, take medicine or add more clothes. Note that you will get older over time. When you are dying, remember to pick up a successor in a nursery. He will be more high-priced if he has more abilities. Good luck!

How To Play

Use WASD to move, LMB to attack, Enter to chat, E or Space to interact, M to view the map, RMB to remove an item.

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