About Nightwalkers

Nightwalkers is a classic online multiplayer survival game in which you should build up the strongest tower defense as soon as possible before you encounter the most dangerous wave. Actually, you need to prevent scary zombies from killing you if you want to survive and dominate the top spot. Aside from that, remember to surpass other characters to become the winner. Firstly, you can choose to fight against the undead or simply stay away from those monsters while they are running. Nevertheless, you will loot a lot of helpful items when you destroy these creatures. You can smash targets by launching fists if you are not ready to take your gun. To get more ammo and better weapons or upgrades, try to progress. Besides, gather available resources to set up turrets or a base. You can work together with some allies to increase the winning chance. Let’s roam and find friends now! Good luck!

How To Play Nightwalkers

Use WASD to move, LMB to shoot, RMB to melee attack, B to build.

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