Enjoy the new challenge in the Free For All game inspired by Diep style, eat sushi, level up your belt, upgrade your abilities and find out better weapons! You will fight against other ninjas worldwide and your mission is to become the best master. You can roam around the map your way to seek food. They will provide much more energy to you. Not only that, they grant XP and stamina which should be used sparingly. You can increase their amount when you destroy your rivals. When you gain experience, you can step into another stage with the increased difficulty and with a bigger body’s size. Besides, you are able to make your stats grow stronger. Just select whatever you want. When you advance, you are allowed to opt for a tool to add to your own inventory. Each will have unique range, endurance usage, and damage. Aside from speeding up to run away, you can jump and dash to avoid the enemy’s assault. Good luck!

How To Play

Use WASD or Arrows to move, LMB to attack, 1-3 to choose weapons, RMB to dash, Space to jump.

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