About is a Free For All racing game that you will compete with multiple rivals. Hop into your car and drift your way to collect the most kill! Your main aim is to become the top player. Drive around the map and search for the target. Next, you are able to choose the appropriate time to accelerate and bump into other vehicles to destroy them. The more enemies you eliminate, the more scores you obtain. In, performing a dash is necessary, especially when you want to run away from predators or crash into somebody. It is considered as a great strategy. In order to grow and rank up faster, you should not ignore gathering big colored buts. They are available and scattered across the playing field. When you eat these items, you can recognize something happening to the bumper. Indeed, that weapon will increase in length quickly. Use that to attack the rear or two sides of the foe. Good luck!

How To Play

Use the mouse to move, Space or left click to dash.

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