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Oceanar.io free game is a fish io game, in which you start as a small fish. Your fish is in a fight to be the greatest fish in the ocean! In angler fish io games, you get going as a little fish and eat food to become the king of the sea! The games are very simple. However, it is extremely addictive for those who like ocean io games! You can also destroy the enemy’s team!

Like all the io games, you will have to start at the weakest fish, and then make a smart strategy to eat food, build a squad to defend yourself.

To get Oceanar.io unblocked you need to run away from a bigger bunch of fish. As numbers of bunch decide the result of the battles, get going by hoarding a little gathering of soldierfish and attempt to take on a jellyfish to acquire yourself a sweet reward! When you begin to play Oceanar.io online, build up from the small team to the bigger team!

How To Play Oceanar.io

Control your fish with the mouse. Click the left mouse to attack and the right mouse to merge the fish in your team.

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