About Orbs.It

Orbs.It is a massively browser-based multiplayer online 2d shooter game which is free for all to play. Control a small a spherical body and compete against other players on the same playing field. Try to put your name in the standings and become the all-time or the week’s top player by collecting enough 24 orbs before the opponent! Do not scatter them but gathering them together! Also, stop some bad guys from stealing these. Obviously, it is not an easy or simple mission because you will have to fight against the enemy to survive during that moment. After you enter the map, shoot down others. Some of them are surrounded by a thick protection layer. Break it to destroy them. You can choose power-ups to such as a superbomb or a shield. When you progress, they will be charged more. You are able to create or join the Private Games with your friends. However, you will do not earn stats. Hope you enjoyed!

How To Play Orbs.It

Left click to shoot, X to use a superbomb, C to control a shield.

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