About PixelForces.io

PixelForces.io is a free shooter io game where you will have the chance to travel throughout numerous unique maps. In which, you can fight against the most aggressive players from around the world. Shooting will be the main ability that you will use during the battle. It is easy to perform your skill after jumping on a trampoline! Besides, it is also interesting to hunt the target in abandoned buildings. Play PixelForces.io online unblocked you can challenge your capability through different game modes such as RPG, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Explore, and Battle Royale. Aside from rooms, there are various skins to choose from. Customize your character and get ready to show up your talent to defeat all and conquer the leaderboard in the shortest time right now! Remember to dodge every dangerous situation while moving and fighting. Additionally, attempt to stay alive at the end of the match!

How To Play PixelForces.io

Use WASD/Arrows to go around, Spacebar to jump, Right mouse to aim, Left mouse to fire, L to control the flashlight, Esc/TAB to pause

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