About Popular Wars.io

If you already play Hole.io, you will surely love Popular Wars.io unblocked as it carries Hole.io gameplay mechanics. The task is so simple to do but very challenging to master. You start alone yourself in a huge city, but through over time collecting more followers, you will gradually build up a large crowd for yourself and earn more popularity. You have to collect them as fast as possible before they get taken by other players who have the same task as you. The rivals also build up their popularity, so they will not be hesitant to eliminate you out of the arena. You should develop your strategies and use them to outwit other players for a higher chance of winning. Like Hole.io game, the one with the largest size of the crowd and the biggest popularity in the city will become the winner of the game in Popular Wars.io online. Give it a try now!

How To Play Popular Wars.io

Use the mouse to move your character to build popularity and gain more followers.

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