Privacy Policy

PublishedFebruary 18, 2021 Views178 gives you the real feeling of a hide and seek game. Here, you can hide, transform or shoot others to win for yourself – a new, adventurous game for people who love hiding. If you are also a person with strange interests above and intend to participate in the game. It is essential to find information about the privacy policy. You can read this article to understand better. Also, terms of use are important information you should read with your privacy policy. Mobile privacy policies:

  • What information does collect?
  • Why do we collect that information?
  • What information is not collected?
  • How do we keep collected information confidential?
  • What information does collect?

Every day a lot of players log into and each of them provides a lot of information around them. However, with such a large amount of information, our apparatus only keeps a few simple pieces of information to distinguish you from other players.

The information about you that we are allowed to save is your first and last name, email during your registration of the game. In addition, relevant information about games such as participation history, play time, rating is also kept by us.

Besides, we can also collect your IP address, facebook avatar.

Why do we collect that information?

To play the game in, you can join as a guest or login. However, you will enjoy more benefits by logging into play. And at the beginning of this step, we will begin to recrawl your name and email to save information for the next login.

From here, your play history is also saved for you to easily search if needed. Moreover, keeping your information is also a way for Hide.oi to protect players from bad objects. And, issues related to benefits or problems are also more minimalist.

What information is not allowed to collect?

Information relating to children or people under the age of 14 will not be kept.

How do we keep information secure?

The information we keep from you is also quite basic, does not go into personal experience so the ability to affect you is not high. However, we still attach great importance to protecting your information when starting to play online through our own confidential information team. Besides, you have the right to install, delete or reset your information. If there is any problem with your information, we typically email you to check it and set it up again. Or, you see any suspicion of personal information theft, you can contact us via email for assistance.