About Puble.io

Puble.io is a new Agario style game. Start the combat with a boat and play against other players in a large arena. Steal as much energy as possible to become the most powerful character and rule the whole map in the first place. Do not forget to collect passively spawning food orbs after you have appeared in the playfield! They are useful aside from killing the enemy. Even, they will make the coverings get bigger. Besides, you will know that your canoe is not normal. It is equipped with a strong hook. Throw it properly and you can eliminate the target without difficulty. Once you decide to run into an opponent, you are advised to quickly release that item accurately. When he dies, he will leave his mass. Absorb them and grow the bubble shield in size. That allows you to rank up and increase the winning chance. Speed boost if necessary. However, it will consume your power. Have fun!

How To Play Puble.io

Use the mouse to move, left click to release the hook, right click to boost.

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