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Are you a fan of ice hockey and car racing games? If you love these two game genres, you should quickly check out Pucks.io unblocked – a great combination of both ice hockey and car racing elements. Pucks.io free online is the same as SocCar game in terms of gameplay. In this title, you will carefully direct the movement of your puck together with a car in order to score a lot of goals against your rivals. You must aim then quickly kick into the enemy goal for the scores, at the same time, your goal has to be defended, otherwise, you just give your opponents a chance to win over you. Pucks.io game also provides you with a unique boost ability that helps your car speed up to get past all of the other players. Can you score your way to the top to become the best player of all? Try it now!

How To Play Pucks.io

Drive your car using arrow keys or WASD, use the spacebar to speed up, change the camera view using key Q and open the menu using key Esc.

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