About Raid.land Unblocked

Your strength, strategy, and skills will all be tested in Raid.land unblocked! Give this class-based RPG io game a try now to prove your worth and defeat all enemies from around the world. Raid.land free game is created by Sideque.st and it’s free to play in browsers without any requirements. It also features nice graphics, unique gameplay, as well as three character classes for you to choose from.

In Raid.land free game, you can become a hunter, a warrior, or a berserker. Pick your favorite character class then jump into the arena to battle it out. You encounter lots of enemies from around the world and you don’t know if they are stronger or weaker than you. Only fighting against them as well as experience being defeated several times will make you know how to beat them. You have to perform your good skills as well as use your strong weapons to deal damage to your opponents while avoiding their assaults. Don’t forget about using your strategies either. With strategies, you can outplay the tough rivals easily. Aside from fighting and killing enemies, another thing you must do is to collect gold on the map. Try your best to hoard as much gold as possible because that is a key to your victory. If someone destroys you and you meet your end, your earned gold will be donated to them. Therefore, you don’t only protect yourself but also the amount of gold you have earned. Try to survive and become the first-ranked fighter in Raid.land game! Play and enjoy it!

How To Play Raid.land Unblocked

Use WASD to move your character. Use the mouse to aim and shoot, the spacebar to jump, Shift to use the ability, R to taunt, G to drop gold, O for options, and Tab for the game information.

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