About Raid Land

Raid Land is a free 3D multiplayer HTML5 game. Discover a strange place with friends or strangers and compete against each other to loot as much gold as possible. Collecting the resource will help you rank up and become the winner. However, you must gather the most before the round is finished. Each adventure will last for a short time and it is the reason that makes the challenge in Raid Land unblocked more chaotic. Aside from searching for the precious material, you do not forget that you are taking part in a dangerous arena. So, you can attack and eliminate every opponent around your area. If you are successful in knocking them down, their progress will belong to you. There are various abilities to choose from and deploy. At present, you are allowed to travel through levels and engage in the journey with your buddies. Moreover, it is straightforward to go with the character you like. Good luck!

How To Play Raid Land

Use WASD or arrow keys to go, Space to jump, Left-click to hit, Shift to select abilities, R to taunt

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