If you want to master more Battle Royale games, then surely you will not want to skip out one game title called which is an epic 2D Shooter Upgrades game! The game is very fun and enjoyable to play when it is set in a prehistoric era in which players are able to ride on many awesome dinosaurs. You will ride on many dinosaurs and let them help you collect numerous weapons scattered across the arena. You then use the collect weapons to deal a huge amount of damage to your rivals. They must be completely destroyed before they have a chance to attack you. In addition, you can totally smash a range of objects for finding loot. Then, make the most use of the loot to your advantage, which lets you outsmart your rivals easily. During the course of the game, sometimes, you can even find T-Rex – the toughest dinosaur! Are you ready to master it? Join it now!

How To Play

Perform the movement using WASD. Click the left mouse to fire, use key E to collect an item or interact with objects. Use key R to reload, key RMB to drop an item, key Esc to open the menu, and key M to open the map. 

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