If you love to play American sports games, then don’t miss out a chance to try one called! This web-browser classic game drops you in a rugby station where you will cope with other teams in a tough battle. You should have your skills and strategies ready for this! You will work with your teammates in order to bring the ball to the end zone then score a touchdown as fast as possible. You have to elude all the forthcoming tackles and the enemy attacks as you try to keep the ball at the same time. In case the ball is taken by the rival team, do whatever it takes to take it back then lead it to the end zone. Like other sports IO games, in, you also need to have solid teamwork if you want to touch the final glory. Playing football games is always fun, and surely, you will have a huge amount of fun with this one. Give it a try now! Good luck to you!

How To Play

Use the left mouse button to sprint.

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