About s0urce.io

s0urce.io is a cool multiplayer online strategy game. Play against other opponents and code your way! Do not forget to earn as much money as possible and become the winner! Start the new challenge by selecting somebody in the target list. Next, control the Hak button and choose a port to attack. Then, type highlighted words shown at the bottom. Also, press Enter until the progress bar is completely full. Congrats! You have finished your job successfully. Remember to leave a message on the profile of the victim so other players can see it. Now, move to the black market and spend BT coins on buying upgrades such as data miners who will help you gather more. In your computer window, there are three firewalls. Defend them by purchasing charges! Thus, the enemy cannot break them. Additionally, unlock the highest ranking, Diamond, and reach the best position on the leaderboard. Good luck!

How To Play

Use the mouse and keyboard to select and hack.

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