About unblocked is another adventure strategy io game like You should play it now for more fun and see how good your skill is. The game is all about a tiny cell trying to grow up for the arena control. You have to wander around the map eating as many generated cells on the ground as possible. The more cells you eat, the larger you will become. Through over time, you will reach a very big size, giving you a great chance to win. On your way, you will come across bigger cells played by other human players. You’d better run away from them before they can catch and eat you. But, if you encounter the smaller cells, try to devour them all for fast evolution. Do whatever it takes to keep your cell alive until you get to the first place on the leaderboard. online is a good choice for the fans of Agario Style io games. Join it now!

How To Play

Move your cell around the map using the mouse. Press W to shoot masses, and split your cell into smaller pieces using the spacebar.

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